Blue Rodeo

Phaedra's Meadow

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I was walking thru the forest

One cold and dreary morn

My heart sick with jealousy

And memories I need no more

No I could never kill a man

But I would do him harm

Knowing that you're there

Lying in his arms

My flesh was ripped and torn

By the bramble and the thorn

I was lost but well-prepared

To offer up my soul

Because the greater misery

Is to live with what I know

The moon concealed by April's storm

No bearing I could find

Until I fell into a clearing

And a road I recognized

I was far

Far from my home

Further from her smile

Not sure if I would return

Or just lay down and die

As I stood in Phaedra's Meadow

Well the dawn did break the sky

And from the highest up in heaven

The Weaving Star fell into my eyes