Angel In White (Bonus Track)

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Just like an angel you were falling from the sky
It was some kind of magic in your eyes
You must have been Heaven sent
Yeah it's like a dream come true
I've been waiting for someone just like you

It feels like the first time though I've been in love before
But you've got me longing, longing for more, yeah

Angel in white
Don't you know you set my heart on fire
Angel in white
Don't you know I'm burning for you

Too many heartaches, too much sorrow, too much pain
It was nearly driving me insane, oh yeah
It's a magical mystery. must have come from high above
It's a deadly case of hopeless love

Feels like the first time, just the way you're holding me tight
We're gonna count the stars tonight, tonight, whoa



Angel in white
Hold me now and feel my deep desire
Angel in white
Don't you know I'm burning for you

(Chorus repeat 2 x)

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