There Is Someone Else

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I might be late tonight
But I guess everything is alright
I know it aint like me
But there's something you see
That I just can't put right
Maybe a dream last night
That I can't understand

For all I know I love you so
Somethings got a hold of me
And I've got to make you see
That things aren't the same

Could be that yesterday
As I was walking on my way
Some face out of my past
Just happened to cast a shadow on me
Oh that made me see
That I've been all wrong

You know I could have sworn
It was someone I loved before
Someone I used to linger on
Something I just couldn't put my finger on
Just a face and a memory
That stood between you and me

Ooooh Ooooh Ooooh baby
Oooh child I've got to tell you now
That there is someone else in my life

Got to make you know that
Ooooh Ooooh Ooooh baby baby baby
Oh child oh little girl
There is someone else in my life
And its breaking my heart

Its mighty late tonight
But I feel I gotta get it right
This face I've been dreaming of
Well it is the face of a long lost love
And as I look into your eyes
Suddenly I realize
That that someone else is you
Oh I've been such a fool baby
Baby baby baby baby

Oh child got to make you know
That you're the someone else in my life
And I've been such a lonely man
But now I've found my baby
Oh Oh and I wanna make you know girl
That I've finally found someone else
That someone is you

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