Buju Banton

Battered & Bruised

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one life to live Rept x

take a look at me tell me what do you see
you dont have to love me but am not your enemy
and am not amused by your verbal abuse
you think you are clever what a sorry excuse
playing with the minds of people dangerous games they play
man if you are not careful they lead you a stray
protect your soul by any means necessary
take nothing for granted
you may be sorry ooohhh
one life u've got to live
come on lets us live it right
if u're in bed with the devil
then you ave made your choice


we've been battered and bruise (Rept 1)
we still nursing wounds
battered and bruised still nursing my wounds
battered and bruised yea still nursing my wounds
battered and bruised yeah still nursing wounds

Verse 2
we face all form of human segregation
who use to ask me ware i am from
they brought us here in shackles and chain
and throughout the centuries its nothing but pain

Rept chorus x2
rept verse 1