Buju Banton

Up Ye Mighty Race

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How long must our people be a human sacrifice
Stand up defend your rights
Up up ye mighty raceyou can accomplish what you will
Stand up defend your rights
In a day they destroy what took a tousand to build
Stand up defend your rights
You may conquer our land you never kill the will
Stand up defend your rights

Liberty and democracy are truly expensive can even cost your life
And those who stand for nothing fall for any little thing
Father heal the blinded eye
The immortal advantage they take my peole
The heavens heard the cry
Saviour our calamity is so great
Patiently the humble wait

To attain freedom
Why must there be shedding of blood
Is there mo real love
Are they still holding a grudge
Penal institution to keep us inside
Regulating our progress blocking every forward stride
Let the souls of every living being nationwide
Feel a shifting of the tide
Ah ah ah ah ah

Put it toghether stop being selfish
No more shall we submit
Man champion of course now
Equal rights and justice
Advise for the poor man
Proclaiming through that music
My flesh has been afflicted
The soul they couldn't abuse it
From the hands of cruelity
We have gained solidarity
Rewriting the pages of history
Rewriting the pages yeah
Rewriting the pages yeah
Ah ah ah