Find Him

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Jewel told me to go get Joe
Where is he? Dying slow
But I bet I can find him
Through the clouds that fill his mind
I can find him in the darkest part of the night
Through all this enslavement,
Damnation, destruction,
Dysfunction, decimation
I can find him

Well I told Jewel, girl, settle down
When it's clear
Joe comes back 'round
And he will find us
When the mourning prays for light
He will find us when the moon drinks up the night
Through music and madness,
Salvation, passion,
Sweet celebration
When he finds us

Loving was so easy when instinctively we knew
Now everything has changed
We're stumbling through the pain of something
Powerful and new
Without a clue

Joe told me prepare a space
Full of love and God's sweet grace
And he will find me
When the devil's (?)
He will find me
Even broken down and blind
The choices are simple livin'
The fearful will tremble
Just keep on believin'
He will find him
He will find him
Yes you will find him
Find him
Find him

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