Charlotte Church

Beautiful Wreck

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With all respect
I have to tell you you're incorrect
What you won't buy you wouldn't get
So set your sails
In doldrum waters
You'll never fail
To sell your brine to

I'll run aground on a shore
And I'll stay there forever
Like a beautiful wreck

On the waves
You'll see my bottled messages
Does the writing still exist
Or did
It fade away?
Well grab your guns
And anesthetics
And dance along
To the sounds of the ever changing
And close your heart

Stand by yourself on the shore
And you'll hear I'm a siren
I'm a beautiful wreck
A beautiful wreck
A beautiful wreck

Stand with me
Amid immensements
Confide in the sea
Make no defense
There's a trembling
The waters part
As we tumble in
The wake of the surfacing leviathan

Down in the depths of the ocean
Forever resounding
I'm a beautiful wreck

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