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In the mailbox what I find?
Pepco hello and no reply.
From Tecumseh, Michigan.
Urgent letter to a friend.
January 30th, at no cost.
Survive the fire with Mr. Frost.
The Mark, the Beast, Armageddon in the Middle East.
But while we still have the time,please tell me,


With Babylonian passion they built a bridge to the sky.
Loaded it up with Mother Earth, never got to asking why.
In Babylonian fashion. that bridge fell down from the sky.
And they spent the next five thousand years.
Scratching their heads and wondering why.
Abundance in the end times, song and Praise!
The dough and the dead will both will be raised.
The Word The Law, Armageddon in America.
But why we still have the time, please tell me,