Anne Murray

A New Moon, An Old Flame And You

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The moon was a thin slice of silver
Sailing the dark southern skies
An old flame still burned in my memory
Long after we said goodbye

They say love can rise from the ashes
If the moon and the moment are right
But I never dreamed it could happen
Till I ran into you tonight

A new moon is shining an old flame is burning
Nights for believing a dream can come t-rue
Whirling around us weaving it's magic
A new moon an old flame and you

We laughed and we talked about old times
What we'd been doing since then
As time passed you moved ever closer
And I felt those feelings again

I wondered where all this was leading
Till the moment we touched and I knew
Love was still there and just waiting
For a new moon an old flame and you
A new moon an old flame and you

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