Spend The Night Together

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This time, I really can't win,
I must be out of my mind,
And I know, that fools rush in,
It's kind of nice to be unhappy,

*We gotta spend the night together,
(Spend the night)
I need you more than over,(need you more)
I got a thing for you,(thing for you)
Look what you've driven me to,...

And so I fear,
An imminent attack upon my heart my dear,
I was happy, as one,
But my number was wrong,...

You've got everything!(Everything)
A little trouble in paradise,
I should be careful, it's time to be smart,
But I've always wanted, someone like you,...

Oh! I know, you've got a reputation,
But I'd like to know more,
You could be what I've been looking for,...


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