Linkin Park

Animals (2011 Demo)

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This is where the pain comes from
This is how the payback sounds
This is why the fire goes up
This is why the walls come down
You ain't never been in these shoes
Never know a word that I'm sayin'
So the only thing to keep the blood flowin'
Is to let you know I'm not playin'
I'mma see your lies exposed
I'mma see the justice done
I'mma see the sun come back
I'mma see the kingdom come
Take it where it can't come back
Take it where the shadows been
Take it to the breaking point
Take it to the end

Sayin' that the end is near
God, you have no idea
Used to be afraid but now
Only thing I fear is fear
This is where the line gets drawn
Something that you've always known
This is what you're hiding from
True fellow's (?) never yours to own
Give me back the fire I had
Give me back the faith I lost
Give me back the trust you broke
Give me back the pride it cost
Take the venom out of my blood
Take the pain you put me in
Take it when I tell you so
Take it to the end

[Extended Instrumental/Outro]