Bright Side Of Leprosy

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Television is my only window
To the world
I'm lying on my sofa and there is
Nothing to disturb
The peace that I can feel when
I am with you all the time
But I smile while you die
I could be happy with the
Situation I'm born in
I spent my youth in school and
Finally learned something
You don't have to be rich but you
Have to win
You may think I'm an asshole
I think you are right
'Cause them not me
Is the bright side of leprosy
Them not me
Must be the bright side of

Do I really have to be connected
With despair?
That happens in a country though
I've never been there
And all I wanna do is watching TV
from my chair
I know I'm guilty
This can't be the news this has
To be a nightmare
Things my eyes don't want to see
I cover with my hair
If there is anyone who knows
Is there anyone who knows?
Though this is not a ballad and
I'm not Hollis Brown
But them not me
Must be the bright side of

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