Devin The Dude

Like A Sweet

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I break down the sweets and I roll them hos like 2 by 4's
Fire it up, take a pull and run that ho up through my nose
Take a couple mo' and then it goes to my friends
When it's gone I start the whole process all over again
Every night and day the same thing, brain stays blowed
You got some weed to smoke it seems I can't say no
But we don't need no water let that motherfucker burn
And take two pulls and pass man it's that other brothers turn
Cuz you know I love coughee, can't keep the smell off me
Nigga this some killa better pull on it softly
And don't be babysittin with the weed, man, hit it
Cuz the faster you pass it, man, the faster you get it

Nah the faster you hit it
The faster you fly
Pass that sweet to the right
And don't keep passin it by
Now I cant lie
But I love gettin high
Sleepy eyes
Smoking sweets til the day that I die
Don't ask me why
I love the essence of your presents
Never fall when im ?
In the circle mic checkin
I use the sweet as my weapon
No disrespect
But ima pay for the wood
Its all good
Take another pull
Pass that shit cuz im full

Can I smoke witcha
Yes you can
All you gotta do is come
And put it in the jugs hand
Let the coffee circulate
And pass it straight to my brothas
Ever posses the sess
Nigga we share with eachother
You holdint he swet
Why you runnin your fuckin mouth
Constantly movin your lips
Without no smoke comin out
Cuz the mic is like a sweet
You hit it hard and pass it on
So I gotsta make sure
That the blow ? is gone

Aint nothing better than
A fresh bag a weed up in the morn
Before im gone
Twist that shit up and ?
So what you coffee brother need not askin
You besta be bout passin
I don seen tons of weed turn to ash
Oxygen 3 for 10
I do it all over again
In an effort to leave my skin
Now if I cant afford it ima ?
All about your ?
Highways and better days
Illustrate ?

Can I smoke witchyall?
Hell nah
Can i smoke witchyall now?
Hell nah
I wanna smoke witchyall
Hell nah
I wanna smoke witchyall now
Hell nah
You see I smoke weed
He smokes weed
Im hopin everybody smoke weed
I smoke weed (hey how come I cant blow witchyall?)
He smoke weed (ima pass the shit man please)
Ya no what ima sayin
Get me high get me high
You see me smoke ganja
Sensimillia make you live longer
Get me high get me high
You see me smoke ganja
Sensimillia make me get higher

Now im sittin in the studio
Higher than fuck
Got my homie mac mall
And he twistin it up
Cant forget bout ?
In the place to be
In the O to the muthafuckin double D
? muthafuckin ? my homie DEV
Spell it out for ?
So ? can see
Smokin too much
Muthafuckin weed in this bitch
Finna fire up another spliff
? on the mixin board
Cutcha ass up
Just like ?
And on the mic ? gettin bored
And these niggas on the other side
Think they gettin high
Dippin swisher sweets
And lacin up the weed ?
Fuck the dumb shit
Where you from southside
Let it be known
That any nigga steppin gettin blown
And its cool like that
Becuz we rule like that
And say fools like that
Come to war and bring ya strap
Cuz it don't stop
And it don't quit
Until I say its over wit
Fuck the dumb shit
Fire up the weed
Gimme what I need
So I can proceed
To hit ya ass up high speed
Loose loose and I get loose
1, 2, 3 don't drink no juice
No gin and tonic
Just gimme the chronic
So I can fuck up shit
And make these niggas
Feel like I was steve Austin
The bionic man
Smokin gettin high as I can
Getting layed out
In the studi-udi getting blazed out
With the ? nigga ? the mic til it fade out
Now hold up
Who wanna blow?
Hold up
Who got the flow
Swisher sweet bro let it roll
We want your muthafuckin mind to blow

(it look like a sweet man
Gotta make it last. freestyle let me back it up
Damn right
Yall mad at me?
Let him smoke
Yea fuck man ay man im smokin this muthafucka by myself
Pass that here
I shouldn't have gave yall this muthafucka if yall didn't want me to smoke. get ya muthafuckin ass away from me. aint nobody hittin this shit.
You bastard
Fuck Charlie brown. don't tell me shit bout no muthafuckin Charlie brown. you shouldn't have passed me this muthafucka. now back that shit up and let me re-take my fuckin ?. the fuck you mean i cant smoke witchyall. hell nah. passin ?. ? me the fuck out. I wouldn't give a fuck. I am not smokin no weed witchyall. fuck yall.
Everybody out
Smoke smoke too much. the weed is gone. the weed is gone man. the weed is gone
The weed is gone
Ay call ya boy lemme get some more weed iight
Nigga don't kno how to pass
After these messages we'll be right back
Ay ? ass muthafcuka)