Evil Empires

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Back in the years before blood lost all its flavor
You slipped and fell but you fell into my favor
But I chose the land between Dam and Bathsheba
Because I heard they were looking for a savior

So I focused my attentions on the wars in the west
Drew up a battle plan and put my armies to the test
You came walking through the sands and you were wearing that dress
Lost my interest in the boys and the mess
Dropped to my knees and began to confess

I control the world
You control my heart
And life was easier
Than watching evil empires fall apart
Oh yes it was

You saw that only my bloodlust could ever tear us apart
So you raided my artillery for a tranquilizer dart
You steady took your aim and shot me straight in the heart
Let your tender reign over me start

I'd spend the next twenty years with my head between your knees
All the while making sure you heard my cautionary pleas
There's a price on my head at which nobody would sneeze
'Cause I've sailed and sailed the seven seas
Accumulating so many enemies

They would fall to me
And I would fall to you
And you're the closest thing I'll ever have to Waterloo

When they write my history
Will they include all your conquests of me?

I control the world
You controlled my heart
Your light would always guide my armada in the dark
Your sight will be preserved in statues and in art
And life was easier than watching evil empires fall apart

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