Gimme the Eyes

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My mama used to say
There are two type of eye
The kind that tell the truth
And the kind that tell a lie
And these days
It's getting harder
To similize
Which eyes tell the lie
Now when you see that pyramid
Lookin' up at that big ol' eye in the sky
You gonna think of money
And that money is mine

I will be Mike
And you will be Steve
We both think alike
And we both believe
In a closed society
Formed with perilous blight
It flies in the face
Of your wrongs and rights

We are here
By some crazy coincidence
The happiest of accidents
If we may get word to the wise
Let's get austere
And dot the T's and cross the I's
When love turns into lies
It dies, so gimme
Gimme the eyes
Don't gimme the eyes

When a dog begins to walk and sing we re-prioritize
We re-prioritize

I'm incomplete
And you're just like me
We're both indiscreet
And we both agree
That we're going nowhere
And we like it that way
So take your shot you blew away
Save it for another day

And we drink beer
And masticate the beef we carve
While the little children starve
You know that we're those guys
Look in the mirror
See the result of all those fries
And lack of exercise
Exercise so gimme
Gimme the eyes
Don't gimme the eyes

When you come to New York
See what your money buys
See what your money buys

One of us prays
While the other chooses darker ways
But we both get what we came for
And these are days
We really should really put our hate away
Why are you still fighting in the same war

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