Karate Lips

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Karate Lips

Some girls fight for their man
Some girls fight for love
Some girls fight for justice
Some girls fight just to step on the gloves
Get dirty with some other girls

There's a tournament starting tonight
Sixty-four girls looking to fight
None of them are gonna be outdone
But you can't control the outcome

You can only control the flow
Look at my girl getting ready to go

She got those feisty feet
Never going down to defeat
I've seen her fighting way too fast
Fight that way and you finish last

But she never gonna listen to me
She was fighting for victory

Don't give it all you got
I never said you should
Too much of anything's not good

Karate Lips. Huh!

You took your best shot
But still you never could
Punch through that final block of wood

Karate Lips

Some girls go the distance
Some girls bite the dust
Some girls do it for sensei
Some girls lust
And hop around like an ass bunny

I needed more than that
I gotta make you see
There's nothing else but that trophy

Karate Lips. Huh!

Leave it all on the mat
Punch your way to victory
And know there's just one guarantee
It hurts you more than it hurts me
It hurts you more than it hurts me
It hurts you more than it hurts me

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