Lee Did This to Me

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Let's get together and overreact
Take everything in stride and wage an attack
On each other
In the most personal way

Run around and run around and tell your friends
But girl you know exactly how this ends
Very badly
Gonna need to take a personal day

Allow me to refresh your memory
It was around the time you gave your love to Lee
It was Lee that did this to me, oh!

I (?) split you open
And literally you know I'll open your heart
Still burns passionately for me

Pass the time watching and waiting
See you come around and I'm salivating
Licking my lips so subtly

While things like this always happen to me
You took your love and gave it all to Lee
It was Lee, your true destiny, and your love

Rock and roll!


When I get tired of all your scheming
I break into song like I'm some sort of demon
Singing a sweeter cacophony

You are the garden where I spread my seed
Living to fulfill my every need
But enter shit-for-brains Lee
It was Lee

You became my only necessity
But then you turned around and gave your love to Lee
You and me make three, You and me make three
You and me and Lee, yeah

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