The Lover's Pie

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(?) in the lover's pie
And I'm still so hungry and I don't know why
I ain't got no money
So can you help me find
An extra heaping helping of the lover's pie

(?) off the table
It's too much and the table has become unstable
I've become the moral of the story in the fable
About the man who devoured all of the pudding
And turn into a swine
And it's fine
It's fine
So fine, so fine

American portions of the lover's pie
Add an extra slice, I'm in the market to buy
Bake me into the crust, and I don't care if I die
(?)the way to go out, inside lover's pie

We replace lubrication with donkey sauces
Start the sex celebration while the salad tosses
Too busy chowing down to count any of the losses
That we accumulate drinking too much Italian wine
As we dine
And it's fine
It's so fine
It's so fine


It's a fine line between eating and overeating
Let's go back into your oven for some overheating
Just let me know (?)
?Cause sometimes I get so carried away when I dine
That I cross a million lines
And it's fine
It's fine
It's so fine


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