Worst Movie Ever

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When you burn another deuce
It's no use, it's no use
Why don't you cut another scene to the floor?
Don't need no excuse, man
To call another truce
What makes you think I want to watch you anymore?

You've got a lot of gall
That electric ball
Is weird and so is the lady
I wish this wasn't all
I'm afraid I've gotta call
This thing a travesty

Worst movie ever
Worst movie ever
Worst movie ever

When you lickin' on the screen
What does it mean, what does it mean?
If you don't buy another ticket to the show
Keep the clean sheet clean
As we all start turning green
I see that everybody here's gotta go

Nothing's what it seems
All the Hollywood dreams
They seem quite strange to me
Budget laser beams
Hardly anybody screams
How did this ever come to be?

Worst movie ever
Worst movie ever
Worst movie ever

This won't win any awards
This shit was made for TV
Cut loose your Hasidic landlord
And move some mountains with me

Oh man
I don't mean to sound like I'm complaining or anything
But this thing we just watched is a crime against humanity
You know, I watch a movie for a little bit of escapism, a release, you know?
I'm not looking to have my entire worldview challenged
But I don't like feeling like I gotta go on a killing spree
Just because I watched a... a movie

I've dunno what you gain
When mediocrity reigns
Stings you like a bee
I feel too much pain
I'll never be the same again
Can't you see what it's doing to me?

Worst movie ever
Worst movie ever
Worst movie ever

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