Modern Talking

Anything Is Possible

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Stay, please stay with me tonight
And all the stars up in my heaven
They´re shining bright
I know it hurts, but it hurts me more and more
I hear your heartbeat baby, louder than before
And when I cry, I cry for you
´Cause I know you are the only
And when I die, I die for you
´Cause I know your heart is lonely
Oh, anything is possible
I know - if you stay
Oh, I will catch you if you fall, oh baby baby
Oh, anything is possible
Oh, I know it from my heart
I will try - oh if you call
Don´t leave me girl, don´t leave me here tonight
Don´t leave me girl and all the feeling´s right
I know it hurts you, you are walking out my dreams
You set my heart on fire and now you´re gone it seems
My dying heart, it cries for you
´Cause I know you are my only
Don´t break apart, can´t let you go
´Cause I know my heart´s lonely

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