Da Joint

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Verse One: Erick Sermon

I make a million bucks every six months and y'all
hating my game, saying my name, they call
me the E, wrong things knowing Im fly without wings
while some of y'all have to pull strings.
In this era I maintain the freak upon the beats
master basslines of Raphael Saadiq
Lyrical mastermind, a genius so dont snooze
no mission's impossible, ask Tom Cruise
I keep a joint lit, when I have to spit
I rough paragraph, laugh when I'm busting yo' ass,
Who want it? Come and see me, like 112
and I'll rock that bell with Fox and L
E-Dub, Mr. Excitement, right
The poltergeist of rap so come to the light.
Yes, the recipient of this award goes to Moi,
the best qualified superstar.

Chorus: EPMD

Erick: My squad stays on point like
Den en den den de den, It's the joint
Parish: Yeah my squad stay on point like,
Erick: Den en den den de den, Its the joint.
Both: New York I'm in your area, (Over here)
DC I'm in your area, (Over here)
New Jerse I'm in your area, (Over here)
EPMD, its a world premier

Verse Two: Parrish Smith

Its the joint, stay on point plus I'm feelin it
niggas killin shit tryin to duplicate the manuscripts
thats impossible, pray like the gospel
overcoming set backs, jumping over obstacles
Like Evil Kenevil, on point like a needle
EPMDs' like the Beatles, back with another sequal
to hip hop, check one two and you don't stop
rap with mainstream, R&B and pop
now the world's shocked the E-double's back with Mic-Doc
Like it or not we bout to turn it up another notch
My speeds put it down for my seeds
Raw breeds, acres with the deeds, its the joint.

Chorus: (first part the same)

Both: VA I'm in your area, (Over here)
DA I'm in your area, (Over here)
Chi Town I'm in your area, (Over here)
EPMD, its a world premier

Verse Three: EPMD

E: My styles digable, so I'm phat like that
I got a benz too, and its black like that
I got millions of chips, and they stack like that
A five year spread, and now we back like that
How dare they, niggas sittin in they room with Brandy
way pissed off thinkin how the can't stand me
He rhyme Shawn for his Penn, talking
not lookin, shoocken, a dead man walking

P: You know me, from rippin shows wit my homie
the one and only, Ginuwine like Pony
You want a ride? Call me up when your lonely
I'm Parish Smith and shit, Great like Tony
I'm hittin hittin

E: Where from?
P: From brentwood to San Quentin
I'ma keep rhyming, still representing
E: For who?
P: For my niggas up north and in the ?Courts?
and to the emcees taking no shorts, in this blood sport

Chorus: (first part the same)

Both: Detroit I'm in your area, (Over here)
Cali I'm in your area, (Over here)
Philly I'm in your area, (Over here)
EPMD, its a world premier