Clear Water

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My eyelids are shaking
I can't sustain this conversation
All this talk and no decision
This can't be how you envisioned it

Free water
Clear water

I'm feeling the weight on us
I'd like to help you but I don't know where to push
So much fight and no remission
Call forth the water and immerse in it

Wash myself down
(Wash myself down)
And find a way to get back
(And find a way to get back)

Free water
Clear water

Your face is a picture
I'll tell you stories until we have to go
Imagine the cool water
Dive in the cool water

All my troubles away
As if I don't notice them
All washed to the sea
Let me forget where I've been

And wash myself down
Find a way to get back

Cool water
Free water
Clear water
Free water
Clear water

And I'm walking through it
Until I learn to swim
It distorts everything
This is supposed to be a magic spell
We are evoking spirits

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