Mot Skuggornas Värld

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Journey of death!

I woke up in ancient darkness
No light, no sun I saw
Felt air, cold against my cheek
I treaded, towards the stars I treaded

My ship made of nails and teeth
Sails made of dead man’s hair
Rowers from war graves
Men of death’s profession

My final sail over the coal black sea
Now echoes my song, my last words
Over storms, over the glaciers’ widths
In the red morning and in the eve

From afar blows a howling wind, a humming
and a song from the endless noises of space

Vé, vé, vé
Vé, vé, vé
Journey of death!

Far I beheld a fire
Towards it the corpse vessel now steers
Nagelfar won’t capsize
No sails break apart, beyond the light of the stars

Overturned by the song of the death’s crew
From gorges they step among dark mountains
I saw a forest and a burning stove
There I found my home
In the world of shadows...

Vé, vé, vé
Vé, vé, vé
Journey of death!

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