Frontier Ruckus

Junk-Drawer Sorrow

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As the windshield wipes and exhaust pipes
Are coughing out some winter
It's a splinter of what I once contained
And I suppose the whole world glows
A little for the squinter
But you recall when all that fire rained
And nothing very solid
Ever thaws away the squalid
Junk-drawers that us whorish people know
And while the junk collects interminably
Other things will certainly
Thaw away so swollen with the snow
I've mythologized the worlds you're from
The nervous taste of chewing gum
Some high school faces
Basements you protect
But in the spring a cork I'll find
In the side-yard to remind
The New Year's souvenirs
I must collect
The sun looks pretty hot today
The snow's about to rot, they say
So maybe I'll drive all the way to Lansing
If nothing's able to stay static
Perhaps we left some strips of fabric
Bloodied up and streaming
In the fencing
And is it possible
That the hospital
Is waiting for all?
Without stall, it will bawl all
The life out of you
But nothing is ever lost
The piled past is cataloged and tossed
Into where it is stored in
Some vestigial organ
It pumps inside of me
The bile and the memory
The bathroom tile of ivory
The carpet sponges so absorbently
Nothing is ever lost
Nothing is ever ever lost
By now I've declared you drive a hard bargain
It's a pardon every time I hear its name
When my tongue's stung by every dripping juice-hole in the garden
My world goes mute, my cute words dumb and lame
For the dental office arthritics and mental softness heart-critics
Who can't process me or the sophistry I live in
I will pluck the soft weight of ripe love
The sticky teenage-sweet type of
Respite that the black-night bites are given
Where it's probable
I'm unstoppable
From all that tries
To chastise the damp eyes
My world contains?

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