Frontier Ruckus

Nightmares Of Space

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What can it mean to go it alone
To quarantine the moments we've known
And lock it away
And bury the throne
Of a hot summer bed in my heart?
It's not smart
To try to die
When something so soft's standing by
But why should I
Deserve something only to lie?
I don't know why I should
Or whatever let me do it
But if your sweetness
Could defeat this for good
I wouldn't hold you to it
Placing the nightmares of space
Between myself and the dearest face
That I could every try to recall
At all
And if each threat
That we came to regret
As we'd shout it
At the outlet mall
Still dissolves there
Broke and bare
The worst shame
All the same
What can I do but become estranged
From the truest true that the world had arranged
For me to cling to
But only deranged
Sad as a dumpster at night?
It's not right
To kill the chill
That defines the warmth there inside
I'm ill and most likely will
Never get right there inside
But oh the pride
When you were the one who knew me
I cried
When the angels of heat flew through me

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