Mariah Carey

Bye bye

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Everyday you call and wear me out
With nonsense
All you wanna do is blab about
Your problems
I be making bad excuses up like
Ooh, I gotta hang up now
Cause the house is burning down
But you never hear them anyway
Cause you don't shut up
From the second that I say hello
I'm like ugh! You? Please no
No I can't get in a word edgewise
And you don't notice anyway
You don't care about what I say
So I won't be picking up this time
Bye bye bye
The Waited Too Long Blues

Baby you kept me waiting too long
I said baby somebody sweeter just called
I love you baby but I think you
gotta learn this song
I ain't like all them little chickens
That be waitin' on ya
Oh, if you think that
You did did did wrong

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