Pleiades' Dust

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[I: Thinker's Slumber]

Scornful dogma
Withering era

Silence in sight
Treasures of cognition
Have ceased to be

Destructive minds
Turning life to ashes

Despotic hands on recollection
Restraining man from recollection

[II: Wandering Times]

Wandering times
Crawling thoughts abandoned at dusk
Thinker's dream
Lost in doubts
Streams of lore
Concealing in drought

Wandering times
Scripted thoughts emerging at dawn
Scholars' dream
Starts to blink
Streams of lore
Submerging with ink

Glimpse of light in sight
Dazzling minds are turning the page
On darker times

[III: Within the Rounded Walls]

Nightfall unfurls its sky
Whispers of waves...mesmerized
Nightfall's canvas unfolds
Frame in time, the stars have told
Mighty circle of stone
Standing strong, on the sands, alone

Rounded walls
Once foreseen
Standing tall
To the thinker's realm
All roads shall lead

[IV: Pearls of Translation]

Enthralling thirst for ideas
Led by translation's quill
Searching the world with no fear
Paving the way for curious minds

Roaming the land for ideas
Led by translator's will
Reading the world becomes clear
Paving the way for golden times

[V: Compendiums]

Word by word
Scribing compendiums

Page by page
Crafting compendiums

Book by book
Gathering compendiums

Library filled with compendiums

Embracing texts from the past
Hints of knowledge are grasped
Concepts in fragments, scholars, will craft
Sheltered on paper, ideas shall last

[VI: Stranded Minds on the Shores of Doubt]


[VII: Besieged]

Winds of dogma
Have reached the rounded walls
The flame of lore has been blown
Arrows will, soon, be thrown

Darkened era
Will fill the land and souls
As life turns black as ink
A chapter starts to sink

Rising storm from the East
Circle of archers, intruding beast
Trampled furrows of memory
Seeds of invasion sowed by enemies

Blindly burning to decimate
Pages to ashes...Cognition's fate
Drowned in despotic waters
Treasures from minds are lost forever

Stream of lore destroyed at last
Running, for days, from red to black

Scornful dogma
Withering era