Best Day Of My Life

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Woke up around a half past ten
Can't believe that I'm late again
Put down about a quart of caffeine
To start my pulse and then
I grabbed my jeans off the floor,
And I hit the door...

Just the same old same
Just goes to show, you never know
When everything's about to change...

Just another day,
That started out like any other
Just another girl,
Who took my breath away...
Then she turned around,
She took me down
Just another day that I,
Had the best day of my life...

Can't say exactly what it was,
She's not the usual type.
She wore a cowboy hat with the red Prada boots
And a Gwen Stafani smile.
Then she pulled out a pen
And surprised me when,
She wrote her number on my hand
Then she was gone, from now on
I'm gonna be a different man...


I guess it goes to show
You never really know when
Everything's about to change

(Chorus 2x)

(The best day of my like
Started out like any other)

Had the best day of my life
The best day of my life
The best day of my life

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