John Mayall

To A Princess

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We said goodbye to people and we've got one night to love
How shall we spend the hours before I go
We have a chance to tell each other how we really feel inside
So that when the night is over we will know

We'll have a private banquet by the candlelight in bed
And I'll treat you like a princess 'cause you are
We watch the television though there's nothing much to see
As long as we're together I don't care

When we met I never dreamed that things could get so beautiful
We've accomplished many things in months and days

Day, every day is so different from another as we play
To realize the way that love has changed our ways
I never saw you looking quite as pretty as tonight
Is it my imagination or for real

The only certain thing is that I'll love you through the night
So that when I'll leave you'll know just how I feel about you
Don't think about tomorrow, we should fill our hours with love
No words describe the magic 'round our bed

We stumbled on perfection and it's such a precious thing
We will know we've got each other and all is said

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