John Prine

I'm Telling You

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I'm tellin' you, you'd better change your way
I am tired of being lonely night and day
While around the town you chase
There'll be someone in your place
You had better change your ways
I'm tellin' you

I'm gettin' wise, so take this tip from me
I am not the foolish soul I used to be
If you think you'll do me wrong
You'll come home and I'll be gone
You had better stop you're cheatin'
I'm tellin' you

Now, it's no fun to sit around and wait
So Baby, you had better get this train
I have packed that trunk of mine
So just try for one more time
You'll be sorry when you do
I'm tellin' you

The road is long that never takes a turn
Why, hard is hard, that takes no time to yearn
I have loved you much, you know
Now it's time for you to go
So you'd better be on your way
I'm tellin' you

I'm tellin' you, don't hang around no more
If you do, you'll find a fat lock on my door
When you came along I fell, but I learned my lesson well
So you'd better be on your way
I'm tellin' you

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