Leo Sayer

Almost Blue

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You know why I'm following you
I've been finding my way home too
Almost blue

You know I'm that I'm listening to you
I've been doing some praying too
Almost blue
Almost blue

It took me so long just to figure it out
But I'm blind and I'm slow and I'm proud
Like a stubborn old mule I've been climbing a ridge
And I can't find my way back down

I'm two steps behind you now
And I think I believe somehow
Almost blue

The smile on my face is glowing right now
And I know that I'm not going to fail
If there's a place in this world where the wounded at heart
Can find peace at the end of the trail

We've seen some of the strangest things
Things that turn little boys into men
Turn you blue
Almost blue
Almost blue
?.Almost blue

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