Leo Sayer

There And Back Again

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My oh my what do we have here
A world of trouble, a world of fear
And no-where safe you can dissapear to
No long and winding road

John-Boy dont wanna work no more
So he sits and stares at the bathroom floor
Where the tiles collide with the lonely walls
That hold his fear inside

Convinced now that all that was wrong is right
His imagination has taken flight
So he turns the key that unlocks his life
And he takes himself within

He goes there and back again, right there ? he goes there

Sheila G had known many men
She decided one day she'd go and see 'em again
She chased down nine from a likely ten
There was one that got away

Well they all lived such bright and happy lives
Said since she left everything had gone right
She thought she would find they were broken men
That only she could mend

Well from that day forward she changed her life
She was a ghostly shadow with a face so white
Said she'd never again try to tempt her fate
'Cos sometimes you're just too late

To go there and back again, she went there and back again
She went there ? right there

Well you and me well we'll always be
Considering our place in infinity
As we look back on scenes of eternity, and laugh

'Cos time does such cruel and wicked things
Makes you change your conceptions and shed your skin
'Til you dont who you are or where you've been

But I know one thing and I know it well
It's a sorry soul who's no tale to tell
When evening falls and we reminisce
Saying is that all there is?
We go there and back again, right there ? we go there

It's a case of been there, done that yeah??
It's all experience along the way ? where ya been ? things ya seen.
It all comes down ? number one ? I'd do it all again ? I'd do it all again, I been there, done that yeah?..

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