Leo Sayer

We Got Away With It

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It was the opening night of a Rock 'n Roll travelling show
And they all were there, I mean the faces everybody knows
As the long limbed beauty left the long black limousine
The floor was wet as if the devil had prepared the scene
A high heel cracks and over she goes

We got away with it, they'll never catch us anyway
We had the best of it, kids today well they just don't know?

Hey you remember him, he was the face of '78
He drove a pink sports car straight through his manager's gate
Yeah the alarms went off, but just a little bit too late
As his tyres dug deeper through the lawns of the great estate
He drove into the pool and he couldn't escape, no

He got away with it, frogmen and cranes raised his legend high
They made a song of it, feed the fish to close ? you die

You gotta go for it, someone will always tell you no
Fly in the face of it, showbiz folks always put on a show?

Living the high life ? big time
Living outside the law
Living the bright light ? high time ? that's what living's for?

He was a rock god adonis in the big hotel
Where they partied all night, every night a different girl
Yeah the drugs came in, the money went out, nobody really cared
When the candle fell over and the flames lit his bleach blond hair
The dude slept through it as the fireball flared. yeah

We got away with it, sometimes I stop just to reminisce
Right in the thick of it, lips pursed waiting for stardom's kiss

We love the smell of it, the fame and fortune is our goal
Selfish and spoilt by it, days lived hard slowly taking their toll

We got away with it, I got some stories I can't tell
But hey there's a book in it, human suffering always sells

Always sells?

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