Almost Makes Me Wish For Rain

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Here we are
Thought you'd have to rescue me
But thankfully it didn't get the best of me
It's not worth a fuss
It's not worth my time
I could lose it but
I'd be out of line

So here we are
On the side of the road
But the sun is out
Lightening my load
Just a flat tire and a helping hand
I could lose it but it's just not so bad

Looking for a scene to cause
But the only thing I see, blue skies ahead of us
Searching for the empty half when something's filling up the glass
I'm hopeless

It almost makes me wish for rain
When everything begins to go my way
This guilty feeling comes along with it and you know
It almost makes me wish for rain

So what it is about a broken heart
The harder times, the rougher starts
Inspiration feeds off of the deepest scars
And the easy streets well we drive apart

Fall on my head
Bring me to life again
The funny thing is that when I am okay
Oh it makes me wish for rain
I can't pretend
To settle in
When I am not on the edge of the fray
It almost makes me wish for rain