Margaret Berger

Naive (16)

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Sometimes you think you know someone
But you don't at all

I got a feeling that there's something wrong
I got a feeling what we had is gone
And I'm not sure I'm still your only one

I was hoping for a sign saying
I'm sorry, you will always be my only
I've been longing counting down the hours for you

I should have known better, baby
I guess I was a bit naive

I opened up my heart and gave it all
I told you things that no one's heard before
Now I know I should have asked for more

I call his phone, he's unavailable
Oh no, I think that's just what's happening
This can't be good, am I loosing you?

I turned to you
Yeah, you said that we were soulmates
I waded you
Now you're falling in a fast pace
Now I seek truth
Is this another deadway?
I trusted you

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