Mark Chesnutt

The Will

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We gathered with the lawyer for the reading of the will
Mama sat there quietly between all of us kids
Then he opened up the papers and my father's words were read
You could've heard a pin drop when we heard the things he said.

To all my loving family I leave this old house
Just split up all the money and pass it all around
But now that that's all settled and it's all said and done
Here's a few things that I'll leave with each and every one.

To the boys I leave the family name, the honesty and pride
And to both my precious girls I leave a million lullabies
Sing them to your children and let them know you care
Take what strength I gave to you and be patient, kind and fair

To all I leave undying love let no one shed a tear
'Cause I was the luckiest man on earth in the time that I was here
And finally to mother, who's love was ever true
The greatest gift a man can give I leave my heart to you.

We all just kind of sat there not knowing what to say
Then mama looked at all of us and said I'd like to pray
So right there in that office in words so soft and still
We all swore that we'd honor the things in daddy's will...

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