Martha Wainwright

Everything Wrong

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I do most everything wrong
Even on the day you were born
My husband's been lyin' and cheatin'
I turned my cheek and reason
I change my tune every day

There is one thing I want you to be
That is smarter than me
If things, they don't seem right,
Open your wings and take flight
Don't stick around the watch the pieces fall

I don't want you to feel alone
But you probably will, when you are older
I will try to stay alive
To see as much through your eyes
But one day you know I will go

Don't listen too much to what I say
Making sense has never been my way
I can teach you 1,2,3
I can dance with you on repeat
I can hold your hand forever
Na, na, na...
I can do so much,
But you can do so much more

I am only a stepping stone
For you to get where you must go
And there is nothing I would rather be,
So put your weight on me
Na, na, na...

I am your protector
I am not your pretender
I will try
I will not lie
I will not cry too much in front of you

I have been really, really sad,
Except for having you with your dad.

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