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Roll out the bogus talking heads,
tell us all how to think
Bearing the chalice of disinformation,
which we unwittingly drink
Fraudulent opinions with zero integrity
Calculated to foster animosity

Besieged by the media blitzkrieg
Under attack from hyperbole
What we've seen cannot be unseen
Demoralizing our society

I refuse to swallow the pill,
to choke back their swill any longer
Pushing the agendas of the hate mongers
24 hour news cycle, rinse and repeat
Tune in for the latest tragedy of the week

Besieged by the blitzkrieg
Overwhelmed by crisis fatigue
What we've seen cannot be unseen
Visions of catastrophe

Their vile rhetoric is noxious
So nauseating and toxic
Spewing their bile it is sickening to hear
their backwards logic

(solo: Dave)

Worshipping tragedy
profitable calamity
Ratings go through the roof,
stay tuned for hyperbolic insanity

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