Rodney Crowell

Jesus Talk To Mama

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Jesus, talk to Mama
Tell her I'm alright
Tell her that I'm on the mend
Tell her I've been born again
Tell her that the future's looking bright

Do this, won't you Jesus?
For I never meant to stray
Jesus, talk to Mama
Tell her that we'll meet again some day

Jesus, if you hear me
Take a message to my Ma
Tell her that I'm in your hands
Tell her I'm a different man
Tonight I beat the Devil to the draw

All I'm really asking is to tell her I found you
Jesus, talk to Mama
Tell her that my wandering days are through

Jesus, talk to Mama,
Tell her I'm doing good
Tell her how I kicked the blues
Tell her how it's all good news
I'm living like she always wished I would
Tell her, won't you Jesus, that the wonders will never cease
Jesus talk to Mama, tell her so her soul can rest in peace

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