Please, Please

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Take me you are the one
Let's go for one another
See- this ain't no joke
Say- I don't want no other
Let me be your friend
Cock father kid and brother
Will you be my pussy cat
Sister kid mother
Come on ride my verse
Come on play my tune
From the first to the worst
You my every wound
High up like birds
We will use our zoom
And realize the curse
It's not in your room
You make my whole entire world
Turn around, you the one
You set the roof on fire girl
You heat up my burning sun
We'll push things higher than
We have never ever done
We'll teach our daughter
And we'll teach our son

Please please
Gimme your love
I'll please
You and your love
Please please
I am your man, I am your friend
Come again

You can be my lover
Oh yes, you can
You got my heart in the palm of your hand
I don't need another
You're my only man
And I'll never leave your side
Please understand
That man like you are only a few
I admire all the things you do
Baby my love is all for you
I pry that god will see us through
You amaze me
You drive me crazy
Trust me my love
I'm glad to be your lady
Nothing can't face me
Daily you praise me
Tell me say me sweeter
Than a rose naimed daisy
Yes, I'll please you
Never never leave you
Just like the air that I breathe
That's how I need you
I'll never tease you
Pumper and squeese you
When you want love
To the bedroom me lead you


You can be my lover
I don't need another
Rest your head upon my shoulder
I need to hold you closer

Listen up we only play
The game we want
We're the ones to say
How it will be done
No time to waste
And no reason to wait
You always give me update
You are my number one
We pull up and stay up
Here we are strong
This is our way
And that's were we belong
Feel it day by day
Til those days are gone
We all gotta pay
But we all gain some
Crazy for your style
I wanna smoke it like dope
Your ideas make me smile
Your ideals gimme hope
Kiss my soul with your eyes
Love is globber than the globe
Everyday I realize
I feel for you this ain't no joke