Steel Pulse

George Jackson

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I woke up this morning, Tears were in my bed
They killed a man I really loved, Shot him in the head

Lord, Lord they cut George Jackson down
Lord, Lord they laid him in the ground

They sent him off to prison, For a seventy dollar robbery
They closed the door behind him, And threw away the key


He didn't take shit from no one, He wouldn't bow down on his knee
Authorities they hate him, Because he was just too real, just too real


The prison guard they watched him, They crushed him like a bug
Frightened of his power, They we scared of all his love and hey hey!

Sometimes I think the whole wide world
Is one big prison yard
Where some of us are prisoners and
Some of us are guards. Yeah Hey!


They laid him in the ground
They laid him in the ground
They laid him in the ground

Woe Jackson, George Jackson, Yes Jackson, Woe Jackson
I want to confess, There is no justice
Lift up your voices, In times of protest
Lordy lord they laid him in the ground
Woe Jackson George Jackson, Oh Jackson Want Justice
A voice of protest, And frustration
Within a system, Of deception
Lordy Lord Hey! Lordy lord Hey.yeahee!

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