To Build A Bomb

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Watch as the banks break
Flooding the land into the earth's heart
Fear creeps in
The stones are set with blood and lust

And the shadows bring what your despise
They move like snakes entwining ulcers within

War of words
Spoken in handshakes, behind locked doors
Tongues that twist and bend
Dragging us all to our end

And the skies turn black and the poison seeds don't grow
With riches they line, their pockets yet unpick the seams again

Brick by brick, you're closing yourself in
To build upon blood and sand is to build a tomb

The candles burn
The snake has spoken
Watch as they rise through the cracks
Eyes widen as the iris turns black

Face the beckoning
The winds of change are a myth
The meek shall inherit the earth
When their bodies are set adrift

Sever the roots that run deep and feed
Crown of thorns for your majesty
Failed mortal, thwarted king

To build on blood and sand is to build a tomb

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