Lonely On The Streets - Jersey City

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Woo ooh, we stand alone,
Woo ohh, it's lonely on the streets tonight

I'll tell you about a place, where the poor write their songs
I'll tell you about a place, rent is cheap but dangerous
Like a stepping razor everyone is a threat,
Better have eyes in the back of your head
The crew in Jersey City won't put down their guns,
The boys on Newark Avenue they will cut you down
The punks in Jersey City ripped up boots dressed in black
The boys are all downtown getting drunk and always tough

Brought across the river, NYC kicked out the poor
This is the new jungle the rich found out, it won't last long
A haven for the artists low income and scum
Our town is full of gangs and rats, the filthiest place I have been
Drugs in the bodega stores, they deliver don't have to tip
Eight year olds running in gangs, beating up people just for fun
Robbing, murder just a fun day in my town
Police are ex gang members, our mayor just gets drunk
City officials go to jail, opportunities for everyone
The crime is very high, but the rent is very cheap
Junkies, killers, oh the city I live in


They chase me from my hometown, I moved here to survive
I'll be very lucky, if I get out alive.

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