Betrayed (A Broken Pact)

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My Sweet, did you think you'd escape my grasp
After all I've given you
Opened your eyes to a real demonic world
Signed a vow in blood


Then you left and turned your back on the pact
Forsaking all that you've learned
Closed your eyes and hid the mark given to you
What do you have to say?


"Leave Me Go"

No! You can never break this pact! Whore! Now I throw you back!
Banished, from your true kind! Forever, your soul will be mine!

Hear the words, you'll never hear again, there's no turning back
You can deny what you have done, but in the end you'll pay
Did you think this all was a game? Or didn't you really care?
I cast thee out of our dark circle to fend for thyself

Thy Legions, will feast upon your soul, let torment be revealed
Betrayer of trust, Slut of lies, You will feel the pain
Thus, I have spoken, no more will be said, So mote it be
Eternal damnation, endless suffering, is when you will be free