The Long Blondes

I Liked The Boys

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Kiss us, slowly
I'm hard to buy
You don't know me, anymore

I wonder why life is so different now
Moved to country my husband and I
He drives and works for cheaper
Oh hey and look at the stars

When I was young I liked the boys
When I was young you were the boy

Surprised you've become a prisoner to me
But that wasn't always the case
I look in the mirror and the woman I see
Bestows something almost like my face

I wonder what if I hadn't left
We had plans when I was getting
Thought I arrest now I lie in the hay
Now look at the stars

[Chorus: x2]

Last night I had a dream
I was on the escalator you were coming for me
I waited at the top there was no need speak
You took me in your arms and drew me to the ground

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