The Partridge Family

I Am A Clown

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See the funny little clown
See the puppet on a string
Wind him up and he will sing
Give him candy...he will dance
But be certain not to feel
If his funny face is real

Stop right up and see him folks
Couldn't you die at all his jokes?
Couldn't you cry at all his tricks
He'll come up with in a fix?
But be certain not to stray
He will steal your heart away

I am a clown, I am a clown
You'll always see me smile
You'll never see me frown
Sometimes my scenes are good
Sometimes they're bad
Not funny ha-ha, funny sad

I am a clown, look at the clown
Always the laughing face
Whenever you're around
Always the same routine
I never change
Not funny ho-ho, funny strange

Sometimes I think the world is a circus town
Sometimes I feel I belong in a side show
That man on the flying trapeze
He ain't never coming down
He know's what I know...
If you look inside
If I didn't hide, you might decide
You don't want me

I am a clown, that's why I'm a clown
Just like the fool on the hill
Begging to come down
I want to live again
I want to feel
Tell me you love me, make me real

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