Of Montreal

Beware Our Nubile Miscreants

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You only like him 'cause he's sexually appealing
But I read his journal it was very revealing
He fucked your sister in an elevator junior year
Oh yeah, oh yeah
And let your brother suck him but then beat him
So he could prove he wasn't queer
Oh no
So what do you think he has in store for you my dear?
You only like him 'cause he's sexually appealing
But I've seen him working I am getting the feeling
He has some serious predatory domination issues
Oh yeah, oh yeah
He goes to climax alone
His heart beats a busy tone
Oh no no
He's the kind of guy who would leave you in a k-hole
To go play Halo in the other room
While you were bereaving Michael's death
He was over at Rachel's cooking crystal meth?
Oh don't you remember?
Don't you remember...
You only like him 'cause he's sexually appealing
But his psychic's prediction has him hanging from a ceiling fan
In eight months
Ours are still not possible
Our dreams are still so possible
All our tough little dreams in the list of possible
And this goes directly to you
I don't know
What it is that you want from me
But you
You cannot have me
If you could read my mind
Know what I really feel
I wonder would we still be friends?

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