Love Terrorists

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The times they're a changing
All heavens shall fall
At the end of the day
They mean nothing at all

I hear the call for a revolution
And you're not part of our solution
I won't shut my mouth no more
My heart won't never be ignored -- like before
I never demonstrated
Always loved, never hated
It doesn't need to be debated
'Cause my hate was just belated -- but awaited

Can you hear me now?

On a 42-inch plasma screen I watch the tears of Jesus
Crying out all gods are dead and hacked into little pieces

Your empty words
Sway through the cirrus
At the end of the day
You've got nothing on us

We're approved by the weather Gods
And all the others share our blood
Though I don't even speak the languauge
I can surely feel the hellish - anguish
Go ahead and throw the first stone
And suck your kingdom to the bone
Keep on and criticize us
And awake the Gods on Olympus -- for us

Have no fear
Never care
Always dare
Never fail
We shall prevail
This is who we are
A conscious for war!
A conscious for war!

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