Tina Arena

Symphonie De L'âme

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Stars are shinning in your eyes
And I begin to realise
That our path through times unbroken
Do you know what it's like
When a mirror never lies
And the truth remands unspoken
And we dance into the fire
'Cause our spirits take us higher
Et je viens pour toi
Du bout de la terre
Si tu me vois
Tu seras ce qua jespere
Tout ce que je vis
Mes rires et mes larmes
Est-ce que tu me suis
Dans ma symphonie de lame
There's a place I've never been
Where there's angels gathering
And they talk about the future
When the simple things in life
Can do more to satisfy
Let the wisdom be my teacher
You can have all that you desire
But it may not take you higher
Et je viens pour toi

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