Walter Egan


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Chaminade, I can't live without you, not another night
I feel so extremely, it must be right
I'm so shook up that I can't sleep, can't sleep

Chaminade, well, how can it be? Are you so blind?
My feelings are shining like a neon sign
It's like a secret that I can't keep, can't keep

Whoa, whoa, Chaminade, I turned unblue when you spoke to me
My tongue untied as I told you, I can't undo what you do to me
Just understand that I got to hold you, got to hold you
Got, got, got whoa, yeah

Chaminade, I speak your name and it's like a spell
Just look at me it's not so hard to tell
I'll make it clear so you must see, it must be
Whoa, whoa, Chaminade

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